The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Erie (ECRA) was incorporated on September 20th 1965 under the Pennsylvania Urban Redevelopment Law of 1945. The creation of the Authority was initiated by community leaders in the Union City area and has (since inception) maintained offices in the nearby city of Corry. The initial 27 years of the authority were focused mainly on direct assistance to the elderly and operated by means of grant programs to provide housing, weatherization and energy assistance.

In December 2002, with a backdrop of plant closings, high unemployment and economic turmoil, the focus of the Redevelopment Authority shifted from its focus as a “housing” agency to an economic development agency. In an effort to stem the tide of the exodus of manufacturing jobs, the County of Erie provided an $8 million grant to the Authority to establish and operate a revolving loan fund to benefit the business community (primarily manufacturing) in an effort to create, retain, and grow employment opportunities for the citizens of Erie County.

In 2003, the Union City Enterprise Zone Program administered by The Redevelopment Authority in the City of Corry, submitted and received approval to expand its Enterprise Zone Program to cover all of the industrial and commercially zoned areas of Erie County (with the exception of the cities of Erie and Corry) which allowed the ECRA to administer the program throughout the entire County.

The Erie County Redevelopment Authority is a partner in the LEAD (Local Expansion and Attraction Development) Team, utilizing the Invest Erie gateway to access the resources of The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, The Economic Development Corporation of Erie County, Inc., The NW Pennsylvania Industrial Resource CentereBizITPA Center for eBusiness and Advanced ITErie County Government, and The City of Erie.